SPLINT is the tool for support planning!


Gather everything important for your support planning in one place.

The clear student profiles list all support goals and observation results. You can create the support plan with just a few clicks.


Use the diagnostic aids and observation sheets in SPLINT.

All materials are developed together with experts and contain suitable formulation suggestions for support goals and measures. Plan learning paths efficiently from the outset.


Add colleagues and other professionals as stakeholders.

Compare your observation results and discuss them. Work together and improve not only the support planning, but also the results.

Making schools more inclusive together!

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in comparison

SPLINT full version

unlimited profiles for your students
unlimited support goals for all pupils
full access to all materials for:
  • Determining learning status
  • Trauma support
  • Special educational observation
  • Specialist diagnostics
request unlimited observations from colleagues
support and invite colleagues for unlimited support

Ideal for those responsible for support planning

4.95 per month (incl. VAT)

SPLINT basic version

max. 3 student profiles
max. 1 aid goal per pupil:in
Access to four selected sheets for:
  • Autism
  • Trauma support
  • General learning assessment
  • Emotional and social development
request unlimited observations from colleagues
support and invite colleagues for unlimited support
Free of charge

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The vision

An inclusive school is possible.

Friedo Scharf and Sebastian Trapp founded the company Inklusion Digital with this vision in 2020.

At its heart: the SPLINT web app for collaborative support planning.

More about Inclusion Digital

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